The Different Kinds of Golf Clubs

Most people can be forgiven if they think that all golf clubs are one and the same. The people who don’t play the game can’t really appreciate the things that make each club different from the other.

Sure, they may look alike, but the subtle difference in the construction of these clubs is what makes each of them important to a golfer. No golfer, at least one who takes the sport seriously, will be caught dead playing a game without a complete set of clubs.

Those who plan on taking the sport seriously better start learning some of the basics of clubs. After all, the club is the very piece of equipment a golfer uses to whack the ball and send it flying. Below is a basic rundown of the different golf clubs used in playing the game.


Golf ClubsNo, this is not about Tiger Woods nor is it about the type of material that most carpenters work with. Woods are probably the clubs that most people see golfers using since they’re the ones that most golfers practice with in the driving range.

The wood is the club used by golfers to send their golf balls as far as they possibly can. Its distinguishing features are its long shaft and its massive head. As people have learned (and have probably forgotten by now) in their physics class, mass multiplied by speed equals force. This is basically the reason why these golf clubs are supposed to be so big.

It is important to note that just because they’re called wood, it doesn’t mean that they’re actually made out of wood. In fact, most of them are made from titanium, scandium, steel, and even carbon fiber. They’re just called woods to identify their shape and intended use.


These are clubs that are known for their all-metal head with flat angle features and shorter shafts. Irons are known for their versatility. This is the reason why people can use them to strike balls from the different parts of the course. The iron’s versatility is basically the reason why people use it for all sorts of different situations.

Irons are numbered from one to eleven. The numbers show the loft angle within a set. These are grouped according to the anticipated distance. Irons are basically categorized by into three groups. Long irons are those numbered from two to four, medium irons are five to seven, whilst short irons are eight to nine.

The namesake of these golf clubs is from iron. There was a time when all clubs of this type were indeed made from iron.


This isn’t as much as a category of clubs so much as it is a sub-category. It is a sub-class of iron. What makes this different from most irons is that it features club heads with more mass with soles that make it simpler for people to use it in difficult situations. These clubs are often used for tricky shots since they’re good at producing highly accurate shots.


Hybrids, as their name implies, are clubs that possess the qualities of both a wood and an iron. What most golfers appreciate with this club is that they get the long distance of a wood, but possess the iron’s swing. These clubs are often used to replace the irons in a golfers set.


These are the clubs golfers use when they’re in close proximity to the hole. It is the club people use to roll the ball towards the hole. Some of the newest golf clubs of this type are designed to make the ball roll instead of skid when struck.


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The wood is the club used by golfers to send their golf balls as far as they possibly can. Its distinguishing features are its long shaft and its massive head.

How are printed circuit boards design?

Printed circuit boards, or PCB’s, are commonly used in electronic devices such as laptops, desktops, cell phones, cameras and tablets to establish connections between their electronic components. The most popular example of this would probably be the motherboards of computers. Generally, the motherboard or the system board is comprised of the central processing unit, memory and other basic circuitry of the computer. Unlike the printed circuit boards on other devices, the motherboard is composed of up to twelve layers to support its complex circuitry.

Typically, PCB’s are either made from fiberglass or from plastics reinforced with glass containing copper traces. They are manufactured in an exceptionally clean and dust free environment and here is how they are made.

pcbnet• The raw material glass fiber is unrolled, and then dipped into or sprayed with epoxy resin. It is then passed through rollers to achieve the desired thickness and remove the excess epoxy resin. The product formed from this process is now called as the substrate material. The substrate material is then placed in an oven to get semi-cured. After which, the material is separated into large panels where they will be piled into layers with copper foils in between. These layered panels are then pressed and exposed to temperature as high as 170oC at 1500 psi for one hour to cure the resin and connect the copper foil and the substrate material.

• The processed substrate materials are again piled up. Holes are drilled through the layers according to their intended circuit design. The drilling process does not produce a clean cut so the excess material must first be cleaned out before proceeding to the next step. These holes are either part of the conductive circuit or not. Those that are part of the circuit are plated with copper while those that are non-conducting are plugged to prevent them from being coated.

• The circuit patterns on printed circuit boards are placed either by an additive or subtractive process. The two processes differ on how the copper is added onto the substrate material to create the desired pattern. With the additive process, the copper is placed specifically according to the pattern. The rest of the substrate material remains free from copper plating. With the subtractive process, the whole surface is plated. After which, the surface not part of the circuit is etched away.

• After creating the pattern, contact fingers are placed on the substrate material’s edges. They are then covered and the board is plated with tin-lead, nickel and gold. When the tin-lead is plated, it will result into a porous coating that can be oxidized easily. Because of this, the coated panels have to be exposed into a reflow oven or an oil bath where the tin-lead can reflow into a shiny coating.

• Epoxy is then used to coat the panels and protect them from damages when attaching other components and stenciling instructions and marking. After this, the panels are cut to form individual boards.

• The electronic components are placed on their appropriate locations using a surface mount technology. With this technology, small amounts of solder paste are placed on the surfaces where the components will be mounted. Large components are placed by a robotic arm while smaller components are placed using a chip shooter that shoots the components to their appropriate places on the board. Those that are oddly shaped are manually attached and soldered by workers.

• Components that are placed using the surface mount technology are again exposed to a reflow process where the previously placed solder pastes are melted. The excess residue is then removed using water or other chemical solvents.

If the printed circuit boards will not be used right away, they are packed into sturdy plastic bags. These will protect the boards from dusts and liquids when shipping.

HCG and Pregnancy

Human chorionic gonadotropin is a reproductive hormone that is most commonly associated with pregnancy and pregnancy test kits in particular. The reason for this is that it forms that basis of most pregnancy tests and the amount of HCG in your urine or bloodstream can signal a positive result on your kit.

Nevertheless, the knowledge about HCG of most women who are trying to conceive end at those two lines. It is only the physicians and who know the more complex details of HCG and how it relates to reproduction.

HCG and the Female Reproductive System

Ovulation is process in the female reproductive system wherein a single egg is released. When that egg meets a sperm, fertilization occurs and the fertilized egg soon changes into an embryo.

That embryo needs human chorionic gonadotropin in order to prevent the uterine wall from shedding. The placenta surrounding embryo is responsible for handling this task and releasing the necessary hormone to deter menstruation. The increased levels of HCG will alter the hormonal levels of pregnant women and will be easily detected in both the urine and blood.

HCG and Pregnancy Tests

1hcgdropsPregnancy tests are one of the most easily available over-the-counter products that can help determine if you have high levels of HCG flowing in your urine. The only time that HCG is secreted is when a placenta has actually formed. Therefore, it serves as a reliable gauge of conception.

Nevertheless, there is still the question of how soon you can conduct a pregnancy test to get a reliable result. Taking a test too early can give you a false negative. To get better results, it is best that you learn to familiarize yourself with your cycle.

Conception occurs at the point that egg and sperm meet. However, even when an embryo forms, it does not immediately cause the release of human chorionic gonadotropin. It is only after the embryo has implanted into the uterine wall, that HCG starts to flow in large amounts.

Often, implantation will only occur a few days after the actual conception. The average time for implantation is six days to a week. After that time, HCG doubling time will cause the human chorionic gonadotropin produced by the placenta to double every 2 to three days during the first trimester.

The ever increasing amount of HCG after implantation means that the first pregnancy test is best taken two weeks after sexual contact or ovulation in order to ascertain that you will get the most reliable result. However, there are also some specially designed pregnancy tests that can be used even earlier during the cycle and still yield credible results.

These specifically labelled high sensitivity pregnancy tests can detect even the smallest change or increase in human chorionic gonadotropin in the urine in as early as seven days after ovulation. The average amount of human chorionic gonadotropin in a woman’s urine sample is 20mIU/ml. When it starts to exceed that level, your pregnancy test will likely register a positive result.

However, different women can have differing cycles. This means that the release of human chorionic gonadotropin can vary from one woman to the next. One woman can start releasing the hormone early and another can start releasing it late. Therefore, the first negative result can end up inconclusive.

Aside from conducting follow-up tests 24 hours or 2 days after your first pregnancy test, it is also vital that you only use the first urine sample of the day for your testing. This early morning urine is often the most concentrated sample that can yield the highest level of actual human chorionic gonadotropin flowing in your system.

After getting a positive result on at least two different tests, you can then request an appointment with your preferred physician. He or she can give more follow-up tests that can determine how far along you are in your cycle.

Uses of Custom Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins have many uses. Here are some of the organizations that use challenge coins:

Custom Challenge CoinsMilitary – Challenge coins are first used in the military during the World War 1. It was alsoused to verify the identity of military officers when meeting with allies during the World War 2. American soldiers use military challenge coins to confirm and prove their identity to French armies and Filipino guerrillas during the World War II. However, the utility of military challenge coins became popular during the Vietnam War. It became even more popular during the 1st Persian Gulf War. Military challenge coins are used for challenging. In a bar, a challenger asked the challenged to produce and show off his challenge coin. If the challenged person is unable to produce the coin, he will buy the challenger a drink. If the challenged military officer is able to produce the coin, the challenger pays for his drink.

The military challenge coin is also a source of camaraderie amongst military officers and servicemen. It is also a token of participation in a challenging, difficult, and dangerous military mission. Most US military officers get a challenge coin after completing a mission or after they are assigned to a US military base overseas like in Canada, Germany, Korea, and Iraq. Military challenge coins are also given during promotions and to symbolize an officers promotion or exemplary performance. Military wives and children sometimes get limited edition military challenge coins too.

Military challenge coins are generally used in all military units – army, air force, marine corps, navy, and coast guards. The size, design and materials used vary. Some military challenge coins use very precious metals like silver, gold, and even platinum.


Various business organizations and companies are using custom challenge coins to advertise their business and to build the morale of their staff and employees. Some corporations give these challenge coins to their clients as a token of gratitude. Like in the military, corporate challenge coins are also sources of pride and honor as most of these coins are given to employees who belong to an elite and high performing team. Some corporations also give challenge coins to recognize the rank of a certain employee in the company. Some companies award challenge coins to top performing sales agents and associates. Some law firms have ordered customized challenge coins to boost the morale of their associates.

Civic Organizations

Civic organizations, non-profit companies, and fraternities give challenge coins to their members as a token of membership and affiliation. The Masons, for example, have printed various limited edition coins that are used to commemorate events and as a token to the members of the brotherhood. Various fraternities and brotherhood like Tau Kappa Epsilon also have customized challenge coins exclusively distributed to its members.

Academic Institutions

Many academic institutions give limited edition challenge coins to high performing and exceptional students. Some limited edition coins are also used to commemorate an important event or milestone in the Academe.

Film and Television Industry

Custom challenge coins are produced to commemorate an iconic film or television show. Challenge coins are made for The Avengers and Iron man fans. The producer of The Big Bang Theory has also released limited edition challenge coins.


Whatever their origin is, challenge coins are collectible items that are sought after by military memorabilia collectors and the like. A lot of people have spent a fortune in collecting different challenge coins over the years. Most antique stores sell old challenge coins for a good price. Challenge coins are great to collect because most of them are actually made of precious metals. These items are not only a symbol of honor and bravery, it also has an economic value.

Why Book Keynote Speakers

If you are planning a conference, meeting, convention, or exposition, it is equally important to hire good keynote speakers.

Instead of settling down for a CD-ROM with all the necessary facts that you want to share to your audience, it is better to book a keynote speaker to do it for you.

Why book keynote speakers? First and foremost, compared to the droning voice of the narrator in that CD-ROM which is apparently going to bore your audience and lull them to sleep, keynote speakers are energetic people who have the ability to keep your audience entertained during the duration of the talk.

MotivationSecond, people who come to your events tend to think about other things too – unfinished work, bills to pay, emails to reply to, taking care of the kids, the laundry, grocery shopping and the like. They do not come there all prepared and excited in what you want them to listen to, because it is just another instance when so much could have been done if they have not attended. This is where your keynote speakers come in. They set the tone of the event and create an audience with a single mind – an audience that is more open, ready to learn, and more willing to act in a way to forward your agenda. They can elicit the attention and focus of your audience so that the message that you want to express would certainly hit its target.

Keynote speakers employ different tactics to stimulate the minds of their audience that make them want to listen to the words spoken by the person on stage. They crack jokes, encourage audience participation, share personal experiences, sing, show related video clips or just simply astonish the audience with the amount of helpful information that they can impart in the span of an hour or less.

Third, they can conduct researches that are very helpful in making your audience understand what is happening. Oftentimes, they obtain answers to questions that your audience is eager to know. Take for example the reasons why younger and older generations almost never seem to meet halfway. What are the reasons why conflicts often arise between these people especially in the workplace? Not only do they provide the reasons why. They also get to share with your audience different solutions on how to resolve them.

Fourth, a good keynote speaker drives attendees to your event. Many people are willing to travel a good distance just to attend his or her talks and make people eagerly anticipate your event.

Fifth, they are experts in their respective fields of interest. As experts, they can deduce more information than a normal speaker within an hour. Moreover, they pattern their programs to the type of event you are hosting and mold the message you want to be delivered in their presentation. They present real-life situations and have a wide understanding of the organization, its industry and the dilemmas that it is facing. Since they are knowledgeable, they can impart information on a specific note, not just as a general topic.

Sixth, they have the opportunity to take an audience in an intellectual and emotional roller coaster ride. They guide the audience to a new place, position and perspective. People usually only make a move after seeing someone do so, and a good keynote speaker have the opportunity to do that. Moreover, a keynote speaker can change the minds of a group of people and persuade them of something they are not fully familiar with, have not even seen or believed before. They get audiences to actually do something, take a stand, and make commitments. They leave a lasting impact which enables its audience to still strive even after the session has ended.

Choosing the speaker of the event is a crucial part of the planning process. Oftentimes, this particular decision can either be the make or break of your event. Therefore, choose wisely.

Optimizing Blog Posts With Proper SEO

When you’re setting up a blog, you have to do more than just pick the right template. You will need to start updating the pages with a great deal of content. Every day you should be posting something new, unique, and compelling. If you do not do this, you will end up missing out on the greater good that comes with search engine optimization. If you want to get noticed the right way today, you will need to work within realms of seo for the future. There is no real way to avoid this notion as the best sites in the world today utilize some methodologies related to this.

ny seoexplodeSetting up the blog is the easy part. Getting the right domain name, and then putting up content is not going to take you long, but the posts that you are going to need to create in order to gain a semblance of success will definitely cause you a great deal of strain. Most people don’t realize this until it’s too late. You may think that you can factor all of this into your marketplace, but the average person isn’t going to be able to do it all without a little bit of help. Unless, you’re blogging with no real sense of magnetization, and you just want to have fun, you will find that these things can grow a bit complicated to say the least.

Search engine optimization today requires a lot of work, but when you’re blogging, you can set up your posts with things that will help elevate them beyond the initial publication date. You will find that the best way to attack this is through the use of good titles. Start with the title and make sure that it is not just one or two words. You want to title it with something that will engage the end user. You may find that your post gets shared among social media outlets and more. If you want that to happen, then you need to look into optimization of your titles straightway. When your titles are showcasing the right pieces, you will get more traffic than ever before.

Aside from the title, make sure that your content is pushing a great deal of influence as well. Without this, you will end up losing market share. The content that you’re creating has to be unique, diverse and it should be flowing on a daily basis. If you leave large gaps between publishing dates you will end up losing out in the long term. It’s crucial that you look into creating modern blog posts that have more than just big blocks of text. It’s easy to throw in a lot of text on these pages, and it can be a detriment in the long term. Make sure that you break up your content with headers, sub headers, and introductions that will separate long paragraphs. Aside from that, you will want to look at the seo work that you need below the post.

After you’ve put the contents of your post, make sure that you label things with keywords, tags and more. The tags that you choose should not be more than a few and they should be hyper relevant to what you’re writing about. Keyword stuffing is not recommended here so don’t go that route. Instead, find keywords that are relevant and use them as part of your overall post. When you do this correctly, you will find yourself in the right categories and links for seo’s maximum reach.

Above all else, make sure that you do not forget to update your blog often. The best way to increase market share online is to just post the information straightway. The more you post, the better the chances are that you will end up getting traffic through search engine optimization.

ny seoexplode has many SEO specialists working for them that can assist you with your marketing campaign.